London Grand Slam Round-Up

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And that is a wrap on our London Grand Slam Series! It has been one hell of a series of events and we are now at the final stage with the Grand Slam Finals happening in Bournemouth on September 11th/12th!

SideOut London played as the hosts for this event, also celebrating a 10 year birthday mark for SideOut so it was an absolute screamer of a weekend with the sunshine looking down on us.

We start with the women’s competition and it was truly a battle of skill, power and flat out unreal plays both on defence and offence all weekend long! All the amazing match ups on the 10 year birthday of SideOut led to the finals being between Team SideOut’s very own Adamek/Rastelli and Team Fireball’s Tokarenko/Sviridova! Now these two teams have battled each other on the courts a few times this year already so we knew we were in for another great game! In the end Team Fireball reigned supreme and added a 2nd Grand Slam title to their collection of wins by taking the finals 2-0! For them they have now claimed both the Edinburgh and London Grand Slam titles so they are definitely a team to watch for at the finals later this month. The bronze medal game also proved to be exciting with the British pairing of Snow/Palmer beating the pairing of Tucker/Canevari 2-0. Both teams put together an impressive string of performances throughout the weekend which led to an exciting matchup in this game.

Next we had the men’s competition and similar to the women’s there were some amazing games throughout! In the finals we had the matchup of Bello/Bello taking on Rendon Peiro/Kazik which was a game that showed some skill and physicality and in the end Team Bello took the final 2-0 and their first Grand Slam title! The mens bronze medal game was played between the English/Australian pairing of Hunter/Durant and Team Scotland with Stewart/McKelvie! A 3 set thriller with jump setting, power plays and some amazing defensive efforts! In the end the team of Hunter/Durant took the bronze medal winning 2-1 and securing that final spot on the podium.

The London Grand Slam event proved to be a huge success and a massive thank you needs to go out to all of the volunteers, officials and players for their tireless effort throughout the weekend as well as to SideOut UK for putting on a spectacular event and congrats to 10 Years! That is something huge to celebrate and onwards to another 10 years!


  • Men's Full Results - Click HERE

  • Women's Full Results - Click HERE


Next up it's the big one! We have the Grand Slam Finals in Bournemouth on September 11th - 12th! We can’t wait to see you there!