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Junior Championships showcase Britain's rising stars

The UKBT Junior Beach Volleyball Championships held on the sunny south coast of England, provided an exciting platform to showcase the UK's rising talent of British beach volleyball across different age groups.

The tournament featured intense competition in the Under 13 boys, Under 15 boys and girls, Under 17 boys and girls, and Under 19 boys and girls categories. Let's dive into the highlights of this thrilling event!

SATURDAY - U13 and U17

The Under 13 boys' championship match between Sandy Balls and The 4 Amigos was a captivating display of youthful energy. The Sandy Balls boys managed to edge out their opponents in both sets, securing a well-deserved victory with scores of 15-7 and 15-12.

In the Under 17 boys' category, intense battles took place throughout the day, with impressive defensive plays against powerful hitters. The semifinal match between Lewis Bunton/Zak Maghur and Albert Ruddick/Stefan Godard showcased exceptional skills, as Lewis and Zak triumphed in two sets with scores of 15-12 and 15-7.

Stuart Perry/Josh Sturland fought valiantly in their semifinal against Maksymillian Makowski/Dylan Parsons, resulting in an exhilarating three-set victory for Stuart and Josh with scores of 11-15, 15-11, and 12-10. However, fatigue caught up with Stuart Perry/Josh Sturland in the final, as a cramp forced an early end to the first set. Lewis Bunton/Zak Maghur were crowned champions, having displayed remarkable skill throughout the tournament.

The girls Under 17 tournament witnessed intense competition, with teams battling under the scorching sun for a chance at the finals. Most playoff games were swiftly concluded in two sets, except for a nail-biting semifinal clash between Molly Quinn/Eleni Constantinou and Anna Szentessy/Adela Rodrova.

Spectators were treated to a display of unwavering determination from both teams, with relentless efforts to chase down balls outside the court. In a thrilling encounter that saw sets finishing 21-14, 22-24, and 15-9, Molly Quinn/Eleni Constantinou's solid ball control propelled them to victory and a place in the finals.

However, the finals belonged to the dominant duo of Anja Erminio/Alice Jagielska, who consistently kept their opponents to single-digit scores. Molly Quinn/Eleni Constantinou fought hard but fell short, allowing Anja Erminio/Alice Jagielska to claim the gold trophy with scores of 15-10 and 15-10.

SUNDAY - U15 and U19

The second day of the Juniors Club Championships featured the talent of the Under 15 and Under 19 age groups. These young players showcased their impressive skills, providing a glimpse into the future of the sport.

In the boys Under 15 category, Tio Constantinou/Kai Buchanan and Azlan Maghur/Luca Robinson battled their way to the championship game. Their fierce serving and timely aces created an electrifying atmosphere. Ultimately, Azlan Maghur/Luca Robinson emerged as the champions with a commanding 21-12 victory.

The Under 15 girls' competition witnessed a thrilling showdown between Molly Quinn/Eleni Constantinou and Tilly Hutton/Olivia Cross. The girls fought relentlessly on the centre court, captivating the beach crowd. Molly Quinn's dominant presence at the net, delivering powerful swings, made her a standout player in the tournament. Molly and Eleni clinched the championship title for the Under 15 girls with a solid 21-15 victory, after falling short in the Under 17 finals the previous day.

The Under 19 boys category attracted an impressive field of 32 teams, demonstrating their exceptional understanding of the sport and refined technical skills. The championship game between Peter Soczewka/Rob Morgan and Cole Turnball/Ewan Ramsey kept the crowd on their feet. Rob Morgan's unmatched defensive skills, paired with Peter Soczewka's strong net presence, made it challenging for their opponents to sideout. Cole Turnball/Ewan Ramsey put up a fierce fight, matching point for point, but Peter Soczewka/Rob Morgan closed out the sets with scores of 15-9 and 15-13, securing the gold in the Under 19 boys category.

The Under 19 girl's tournament showcased a wealth of young talent, with the players exhibiting impressive abilities and strategic play. The playoffs were fiercely contested, with several teams proving their capability to be on top on any given day. It was Alice Jagielska/Daisy Boardman and Anja Erminio/Izzy Hames who emerged victorious to secure a place in the finals. Alice Jagielska and Anja Erminio, who had won gold together in the Under 17 tournament the previous day, found themselves as rivals across the net in the Under 19 finals.

The enthusiastic crowd witnessed a thrilling three-set match, characterized by extended rallies, defensive prowess, and incredible shots that refused to go down. Anja Erminio/Izzy Hames claimed the first set 15-12, but Alice Jagielska/Daisy Boardman rallied back in the second set, winning 15-10. The third set was up for grabs, with both pairs tirelessly battling for the championship. In the end, Anja Erminio/Izzy Hames emerged as the winners with a hard-fought 11-8 victory.

The Juniors tournament spanning Saturday and Sunday was a resounding success, providing a glimpse into the immense talent possessed by the future generation of beach volleyball players in the United Kingdom. The future of beach volleyball looks incredibly bright thanks to these young athletes' dedication and skill.

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