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New Event: The Club Championships!

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

The UKBT are proud to officially announce the launch of The Club Championships, a brand new event taking place in July 2023.

Hosted by Deep Dish Beach Volleyball on the stunning Sandbanks Beach, The Club Championships will bring players of all levels together to compete on behalf of their club.

Forget about double elimination and modified pool play; this event will feature a brand new format in British beach volleyball where every result counts towards raising the ranking of your club.


The Championships will be split into two divisions; Division 1 will see clubs put their best teams forward to battle it over the course of the weekend. Each club will send out two pairings per gender to compete in this elite level competition.

Division 2 will feature both single gender and mixed events, with each event running over a single day. Nonetheless, the results from Division 2 will still contribute to the overall tournament rankings, leaving one club to be crowned as the overall champion.

Whilst Division 2 may follow a conventional tournament format, Division 1 will feature a very different approach; Each club will compete as a squad made up of two teams, with a match consisting of two individual beach volleyball games:

Match Play

Club A - Team 1 vs Club B - Team 2

Club A - Team 2 vs Club B - Team 1

Should the match become tied at 1-1, a golden set will take place to 15 points, where the original pairings can split up to secure the overall win! It promises to be an exciting and exhilarating competition!


All of our clubs affiliated with the UKBT have been approached to express their interest in the championships; to be eligible to compete, you as a player must ensure you are affiliated with the club you wish to represent. This can be found under your player profile in the PlayerZone.

Clubs will nominate their chosen teams to compete in Division 1, but all other teams who wish to compete in Division 2 can enter via the Deep Dish website. Entries close on 12th June 2023.

To enter The Club Championships, and find out more information, follow the link below!


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