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UKBT extends partnership with Prevented Ocean Plastic

PRESS RELEASE, U.K. 2023 - After a successful collaboration in 2022, the UK Beach Tour (UKBT) and Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP) are ramping up and extending their partnership for the 2023 beach volleyball season.

Their continued cooperation will centre around raising awareness on the dangers of plastic pollution in our oceans and what we can do as a community to help. Since they started working with the UK Beach Tour, POP have greatly expanded their efforts, stopping over 1000 tons of plastic entering the ocean per month and passing the one billion bottle mark last year.

As the effects of the sun and salt water often make ocean plastic unusable for recycling, their mission focuses on stopping plastic from reaching the water in the first place; and with the UKBT running tournaments on beaches all across the UK, they provide a perfect platform of athletes, staff and beach based events to not only advocate the POP message, but also set a standard of how beach oriented business can minimise their impact on our oceans.

"Preventing plastic from reaching our beaches and coastlines is important to everyone,” says Prevented Ocean Plastic™ director, Raffi Schieir, “which is why we’re so happy that the U.K. Beach Tour is committed to partner and act with Prevented Ocean Plastic. Choose Recycled! Support those collecting plastic from coastal regions for high quality recycling into new products. Thank you to all the athletes and supporters of the U.K. Beach Tour.”

UKBT Director Jake Sheaf is equally inspired by the second year of their partnership:

“We are extremely excited to be extending the POP x UKBT partnership into this coming season, seeing how our brand values and industries are so highly interlinked. We have some exciting activations coming up this year that we hope will help spread the message and mission within the beach volleyball community.”

The Prevented Ocean Plasticteam will be running pops-ups and events during the UK Beach Tour, so keep an eye out through the season for more information on how you can take part and help keep our coastlines safe to play the sport we love.

For more info, please check out the link below:

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