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UK Beach Tour partners with dryrobe® for the 2023 season

PRESS RELEASE, U.K. 2023 - The UK Beach Tour are delighted to announce their partnership with the world's leading change-robe brand dryrobe® for the 2023 season.

A specialist in products that help combat the UK’s turbulent weather, dryrobe®'s commercial support will not only help facilitate the UKBT’s event calendar, but also enhance the experience of all athletes and operations staff, keeping them warm and dry throughout the year.

Whilst dryobe®'s origins began in the surf and swim industry, it didn’t take long for their products to start appearing around the UK’s beach volleyball scene; from athletes trying to keep warm between games to spectators trying to keep dry during downpours. It was during the UKBT Junior championships at Sandbanks last year that both companies saw the potential synergy between their businesses, paving the way for a partnership to unfold.

Andy Jones, co-director of the UK Beach Tour, is looking forward to seeing the impact of the partnership on the tour:

“dryrobes have been a frequent sight on the UK Beach Tour for many years now. We are very fortunate to be working with a fantastic brand who epitomizes our values at UKBT; encouraging people to get outside and be active, whilst striving for quality and performance. We can’t wait for this partnership to improve our players' experience at tournaments throughout the year.”

Gideon Bright, founder and CEO of dryrobe® is equally thrilled about the partnership:

'We’re stoked to be partnering with the UKBT, helping them to deliver Beach Volleyball events across the country, for all ages and abilities. The dryrobe® Advance is perfect for keeping warm pre and post-match, and we’re happy to be supplying the team at UKBT with dryrobe® products as well as providing event equipment and financial support. As a fan of the sport, this is a partnership I’m very excited about.'

For more information about dryrobe@ and to view a full range of their products, you can visit their website here:


dryrobe® is a United Kingdom-based clothing brand, created by Gideon Bright. The brand's first product was released in 2010 as a solution to keep athletes and amateur sports people warm who were regularly exposed to the elements.

The dryrobe® has received high praise since its launch and has become a familiar sight on both beaches and on the backs of elite athletes all over the world, partnering with companies such as ReBull, GoPro, Team GB and British Rowing.


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